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Losing weight is all about burning as much fat as possible. During the processes of losing weight one of the most significant goals is to lose as much fat off of your body as possible. Even though fat weighs less
than muscle mass/pounds, it is the root cause of many weight related diseases. So essentially when you are losing weight your focus should be geared toward losing as much fat off of your body as possible. Normally
during the weight loss process people equate the amount of weight they lose as far as the number they see on the scale as measurable weight loss.


However, in more recent studies it has been verified that losing
inches off of your body is a clearer indication of actual fat being burned off of your body. As you are working toward burning the fat off of your body, you will find that it will appear that you haven't lost much
weight according to the scale. Yet, one fat pound carries more inches than one pound of muscle mass. So as far as getting lean and maintaining weight loss is concerned you want to see that inches are melting off
of your body because that shows that you are losing fat pounds and is also an indication that you are that much closer to becoming healthier in the long run.

Not only is fat loss a good thing but as you begin to exercise and build muscle mass, you will be able to burn calories even while you sleep. Verses other weight loss regimes where you lose more water weight than
fat. So what is the difference between losing water weight and fat you ask? Well when you lose water weight you can gain it back quicker and at a faster pace than when you lose fat off of your body. So burning fat
is what you want to do in the process of losing weight. Some of the best exercises for burning fat is weight training (light weights), resistance training exercises, and cardio. In addition, eating the right foods
that will help you burn fat off of your body will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even after you have lost all of the weight you intended to lose.

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