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Hi Everyone,

So as you all know based on my review info, I am focused on meeting my weight loss goals. So far I have been successful and I have lost a lot of weight in the last 5 months alone. However, I still have the last of the weight to lose. I am inviting everyone who reads or subscribes to this blog to join me in a weight loss "challenge" of sorts. Basically if you are interested in losing weight and need a buddy, I'd like for you to join me. Below you will see a link to a site that will give you free information on how to lose weight and a free link to download a 7 day "starter" diet plan.  Look for the free belly good diet. You will also see a link to another product that I am promoting that you can get 50% off of the platinum membership and get immediate access to tools and information you can use to get started.

Free Info link(s):
50% off Platinum membership:

I look forward to continuing the process with you on my team!

Have a great day and Happy weight loss

Please add a comment below to let me know that you are joining or send an email to me at with the title "joining weight loss challenge"

~Tamishia aka Ms. Clayborn~

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