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There are several different types of services that offer identity theft protection type services. However, not every services is a “full” service type company. It may prevent people from being able to get or use your social security number by locking it every 90 days (ex id lock), but when it comes down to them being able to remove or clear items from your credit that are not yours or are fraudulent, they do not have the resources to help you get that done.


Out of all of the identity theft services out there, I must say that the services offered through prepaid legal’s identity theft protection services via Kroll is top notch. First of all when you or if you have any sort of suspicious items on your credit you can get them investigated and resolved quickly with the click of your mouse and a brief phone call to the personable customer service department.

You will get one on one services in that as soon as you alert the company of anything you feel may be suspicious they will be on top of getting your credit restored. In addition to the services you receive through Kroll, you will also get access to legal/attorney services through your pre-paid legal membership provisions. The services really go hand in hand in that Kroll handles restoring your credit while Pre-paid legal attorney services handles the legal aspect of the correspondence to the various creditors etc. that you will have to contact in the process of resolving your id theft situation.

It’s definitely worth looking into and at only $26.95 per month for the services you receive, that is more than worth a look at.
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